Cruz/Kasich 2016 – A Bold Prediction?

What about Cruz/Kasich and Rubio (with Rubio as Secretary of State)?

Ronald Reagan had George H.W. Bush. Ted Cruz will have John Kasich. 
Two different Republican tickets for the Presidency and Vice Presidency, trying to capture the White House from the Democrats, who have it and are trying desperately to hold on to it.
36 years separate these elections. In both cases, the Republican candidate for President is a big time outsider. These outsiders, who come from, both the conservative wing and the grassroots, are at the top of the ticket in both cases and both have long time government insiders, from the more liberal wing or middle lane of the party, as their running mates.
Two nights ago, Bill O’Reilly made a “bold prediction”. He predicted that Ted Cruz would offer the V.P. slot to Kasich before the convention, adding that it would be “an Ohio play and delegate play combined”.
In so much as, this is the first time a prominent conservative personality ‎has made this prediction, while there has been plenty of speculation about the possibility of a Cruz/Rubio ticket in the meantime, one could call this a “bold” prediction. Given that Marco Rubio lost the primary in Florida, while John Kasich won the primary in Ohio, it’s far more of a sensible prediction than is Cruz/Rubio. In other words, if you really think about it, it’s not so bold of a prediction at all.
Glenn Beck, a surrogate for the Cruz campaign, not only predicted Cruz/Rubio, he has been actively pushing for a Cruz/Rubio ticket, saying that it would be an “unstoppable” team, especially if they were to add Senator Rand Paul to the cabinet, as Secretary of the Treasury, which he also suggested. He had something in mind for Ben Carson as well but that was before Carson threw in for Trump.
Beck should reconsider his plan. Kasich brings far more to the ticket than Rubio would, namely evidence that he can carry Ohio, arguably the‎ most important swing state in the general election.
‎Kasich for President supporters, point to his continued dominance over Hillary Clinton in head-to-head polls, the importance of Ohio in the general election, Kasich’s overwhelming support in Ohio (because of all of his accomplishments as Governor and evidenced by his win in the primary there), his experience and his overall electability .
What might not come across clearly to a Kasich supporter, is that those virtues are equally applicable and important to the Vice Presidency and they bring to the ticket, that which presently eludes Ted Cruz and that which he desperately needs. It is hard to imagine anyone able to add more to the ticket than John Kasich. And Kasich may have a better ability than even Cruz will, to connect with and ultimately bring over the Trump supporters.
While the specifics of their assets as running mates differ, George Bush the elder and John Kasich, both bring together the establishment and the grassroots. Both bring together, the conservative wing and the more liberal wing of the party. Both round out the ticket in a very smart, calculated and, in the case of Ted Cruz, HOPEFULLY, winning way.
If Ted Cruz wants to look to the best of his old adversaries in the 2016 Republican primary for cabinet positions and as a way to unite the party‎, Senator Rand Paul would be a great choice for Treasury. Perhaps, with his foreign policy experience, Marco Rubio would be a good candidate for Secretary of State. As it happens, he also has 173 delegates.
Current Delegates: Trump 743 – Cruz/Kasich/Rubio 838

3 thoughts on “Cruz/Kasich 2016 – A Bold Prediction?

  1. Cruz would do well to have Kasich as VP. Question is, would he accept it? The convention could be an historical event with delegates especially if there is a third ballot


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