Hillary and Bill Clinton, Bernie and the Democrats

Let’s assume for a minute, that Hillary Clinton, indited or not, is in position to lock up the nomination.

Bernie Sanders, has won eight of the last nine contests. It might not be enough to put him over the top and now things move east but in the end but it is very significant.

Clinton’s momentum seems to be going in reverse.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign knows that she will not have a hope in hell, in a general election, without the Bernie Sanders supporters, especially after the last two weeks. It is as simple as that.

The one vote that Hillary Clinton thought she had solidly, was the black vote. Just this past  week, Black Lives Matter interrupted Bill Clinton, while he was speaking, to protest his crime bill, which is currently being reformed with broad bi-partisan support coming from, the White House and both chambers in the House of Representatives.

“Is it fair to criticize Bill Clinton for incarcerating an entire generation of young black men, with his 1994 crime bill?” This question will be asked on all the talk shows this morning, in reference to Black Lives Matter’s current criticism of Bill Clinton and that is more bad news for Hillary Clinton, at a time when bad news is in abundance at the Clinton campaign’s headquarters.

Whoever they might have been looking at adding to the ticket, as her running mate, being able to secure the Sanders support, is now the single most important thing and whatever is in second place, is so far behind, that it doesn’t much matter what it is.

Hillary Clinton needs to run a campaign, in the general election, in 2016, that is going to be way left of what she had in mind but she won’t have a choice.

Whatever you care to attribute it to, Bernie Sanders has already earned a spot on the ticket and he will have an authoritative voice in putting together the platform.

Could he choose a younger surrogate to be put on the ticket, in his place? Yes, this is definitely a possibility but it’s hard to think of a reason that isn’t superficial, to replace him with someone else.

In all likelihood, Bernie Sanders will be the nominee for the Vice-Presidency on the Democratic ticket.

In an otherwise gloomy and gridlocked political caucus coming out of Washington, criminal justice reform has been a real source for hope for the future and for positive results coming from real bi-partisan efforts. Hillary Clinton thought she would be able to sneak into the general election, on the right side of this issue, being in favour of these reforms, without drawing too much attention to the fact that much of what is being reformed, comes from the crime bill that was signed into law by her husband, over 20 years ago. No such luck. She can thank Black Lives Matter for bringing it up. Now, everyone is talking about it. Of course, it doesn’t help that Bill Clinton had a little trouble letting it go when he got interrupted. He had to get into it with the protesters. No, he didn’t…did he really? Yes, he did.

If you missed it, just turn on any Sunday morning talk show today. They will be talking about it and playing that clip.

There’s only one old man generating real excitment in the Democrat party and it’s not the one with the soutthern accent. When they replace Bill with Bernie it won’t be soon enough for the Clinton campaign. At this point, Bill needs to take some Geritol and stop talking. Yeesh


2 thoughts on “Hillary and Bill Clinton, Bernie and the Democrats

    1. Yes! That and the fact that she and her husband prove time and again to be their own worst enemies. Their only real shot at the White House, is some kind of a Hillary/Bernie alliance. It may be hard to imagine, at this point in time but there is no way around it now.


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